Best Beats Noise Cancellation HeadphonesListening to perfect music in the perfect way is very important. Sounds are integral in life. When it comes to music it becomes even more thrilling. It is different to listen to the conversations and listening to the musical notes.

Listening directly gramophone, radio or the tape recorder always was a problem until the headphones were introduced. The sounds other than the desired ones stayed away from the ears.

The excellent replacement of the wired headphones is the wireless headphones that stay on the ears comfortably without entangling of the connecting wires.

Beats headphones by Dre are a popular choice of the music lovers who are seeking for the best noise cancelling headphones.

It is a leading audio brand that started creating amazing headphones back in 2006. It was an extraordinary and outstanding the musical freaks Dr.Dre and Jimmy Lovine.

They aimed to create the masterpieces in the world of through their outclass headphones, earphones and the speakers. In this way, they cater to the needs of the people who long to get the premium quality music experience. This commitment is the key reason behind their ever-growing popularity and fame.

They have used the technology to create something extraordinary for all levels of music listeners. They add energy, emotions, and technology to the sounds pouring into the ears. In 2014 a new phase started in the world of headphones when the company was bought by Apple Inc.

Today their headphones are known for creating the great sounds that has no intrusion of the additional bothering noises.  If you are looking forward to adding Best Beats headphones to your music system then it is great to check out the list of the following best wireless noise cancelling headphones by the manufacturers that are likely to give some splendid experience regardless of the kind of music you are listening or you want to listen.

Device Name 
Beats studio 3 Wireless headphones
(Editor’s Choice)
Beats Solo 3 Wirless headphones
Beats EP headphones

1. Beats Studio 3 Wireless Headphones

Beat studio 3 Wireless headphonesThese are among the top noise cancelling headphones that are designed in such a way that the ear cup is wide enough to hold the entire ear within. Hence, it helps to minimize the chances of any disturbance and distortion while listening to the favorite tunes. It serves the purpose of the noise cancellation which is actually the essential reason for buying the wireless headphones. Besides this, it also has the extraordinary active noise cancellation function too that is commonly referred to as ANC. They have successfully upgraded the system by removing the loopholes of the previously existing system so that the entire system becomes more versatile and updated.

Apple users find it more fascinating due to the innovative W1 Chip system. This allows the system to get associated with the phone in no time. The system gets automatically connected after you have created the iCloud account.

One of the most challenging things for any best noise-canceling headphones 2019 users is the battery life. This problem is resolved to a greater extent by adding a battery that has a longer life. The headphone is also fitted with the buttons that can allow the user to control the volumes, receive the voice calls and even choose the track of your personal choice. The system also caters to the needs of the listeners who appreciate bass. Hence shift the volume and switch to the louder and stronger bass without impacting the natural quality of the music.
Studio3 wireless headphones have combined the features of the best headphones. They match the style and choice of all kinds of users.  The manufacturers have added simplicity to innovation.  The perfect sound with perfect cancellation is made possible with these headphones. The lithium battery is even more reliable addition in the line.

It has maintained the quality that is an integral trademark of the manufacturers.  It has   won the hearts by giving the users all that they look for in the headphones.  The connectivity is even stable and stays for long.


  • 22 hours long battery life
  • Ear fit ear cups
  • Elegant black matte color
  • W1 chip for connecting with the Apple
  • Rapid charging for 10 minutes
  • Uses lithium ion battery
  • Long battery life
  • Elegant design
  • Crystal clear sound
  • Supports the Apple users
  • Not ensures perfect noise cancellation
  • Bothering bass for many users
The bass standards do not match the choice of many listeners. Despite this it is a great choice for many users who love the great sound quality and clarity.  The Apple users who do not find comfortable with the other kinds and forms of headphones love having this because it has the specialized W1 chip that allows the connectivity with the Apple system. The design is even more eye catchy and inspiring than the other headphones available in the market. The little problems can be overcome if it is compared with the most awesome headphones.



2. Beats Solo3 Wirless Headphones

Beat Solo3 Wirless headphonesIt is another great creation for the users of phone and the Apple. Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones by the company can be bought in a number of charming colors but the matte black is something that all the buyers would love to have around their heads. It goes    with all kinds of attires   and get ups. These ANC headphones can be a really great choice for all kinds of outfits.

Besides this appearance what makes it really special is that it is particularly designed for the upsets of the Apple and the iPhone. Apple users who found it hard to get connected with the other kinds of headphones now can stay connected with a specialized system for a very long time. It is all because of the latest and the most innovative W1 chip technology. The idea came from the original Apple headphones that previously used this feature for better connectivity. Hence, it guarantees a longer battery life.
This black color headphone set is great to match the color of all kinds of the handsets. The touch sensitive controls make the things even easier. These controls are there on the left ear cup and can be used to choose or skip the track and even control or adjust the volumes. The manufacturers also guarantee a long battery life. With a long life battery the things get even easier to handle.

Unlike many other traditional no adjustable headphones this option is far better and practical. The head surrounding region is all covered with a great quality plush covering that reduces the stress and the strain on the head region and at the same time allows it to be there in the right position while you are trying to listen to the best tunes. It is easy to carry in anything that you like. Just put it in the carrier that comes along and keep it safe. The noise cancellation headphones would stay on the head whether you are traveling or jogging or just slept with the headphones on.


  • 40 hours of uninterrupted battery life
  • Excellent sound quality and perfect acoustics
  • Easy to wear and perfect fit around the head
  • Great voice call quality
  • Includes outclass accessories in the packaging including 3.5 mm remote control cable, and a finely created carrying bag.
  • Comes with an easy to follow manual
  • W1 Bluetooth connectivity for Apple users
  • Little charging time
  • Perfect bass
  • Comparatively high cost product
  • Can be tight for bigger heads
The Solo 3 was introduced with an aim to give the perfect ease to the users especially those   who are fond of the Apple creations. The disadvantages are not very complex. They can be overcome through many ways. It is in fact better to get hold of something that is reviewed highly by the most of the buyers. The design is simple but eye catching. The color is even more appreciable. The name of the manufactures itself is the guarantee to the quality and the performance.



3. Beats EP Headphones

Best EP headphonesFor any user two things are important and these ate the quality and the price. Sometimes they find the right thing that has the best quality but the price is out of the range. If you had used the Beats noise-canceling headphones before you must have witnessed that they believe in quality and performance. For some users the choice is little hard to make.  The latest headphones on the catalogue of the Best Beats   are little costly. Although they have an unmatched quality but the price becomes a real challenge. To resolve the issues by delivering excellent quality in reasonable rates the Best Beat has come up with the amazing wired ear headphones. They would not just let you enjoy the high quality but would be less stressful for the pocket too. You would love the way the sounds would actually reach the ears. Perfect loudness, amazing clarity and the bass you would admire all in a package less than your personal thought.

Besides the quality of the sound the body is also commendable. It is light in weight but at the same time durable enough to withstand all kinds of situations. Beats EP On-Ear Headphones can be worn any time in the day. The battery less design makes it even more users friendly. If you are tired and want to take them off there is nothing to worry. Just fold them and put them in the carrying case coming along the product. They can be a little tight on the head but the overall performance is remarkable itself.

Usually the performance of the headphones reduces if you wear the headphones while exercising. The sweat starts dripping into the earphones those impacts upon the quality of the sound that you often get. This sealing system ensures that no moisture or any other bothering material moves into the headphones.

The manufacturers have added the best sound receiving features. It can be connected to all kinds of devices like the best wireless noise cancelling headphones. The sound is clear and crisp. The loudness and the bass can be adjusted accordingly.


  • Excellent sound tuning feature
  • Light weight and sturdy
  • Supports iOS devices
  • Battery free structure
  • Adjustable fitting
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Economical and budget friendly
  • Compact and easy to handle
  • Little noise cancellation
  • Tight on bigger heads
Small but sturdy and trendy, this is the right definition for the products by the Best Beats. The manufacturers have continued the tradition of quality. They believe in the user satisfaction so they have answered the concerns related to the price. It is through this EP creation that the Best Beat has given the best in the least possible price. Just place the headphones on the ears and wear them around the head. This would be the beginning of the real musical experience.