Bose SoundTrue around-ear headphones II – Apple devices, Charcoal

Bose SoundTrue around-ear headphones II - Apple devices, CharcoalPurchasers of headphones speak in negative of headphones on how certain headphones don’t meet their demands rightly and how much difficult it becomes when they purchase those pricey ones that turn out to not be supportive of the smartphone they were to be plugged in. Bose like other headphone companies has got a variety in headphone range. By type I mean at Bose you can find both wired and wireless headphones with/without Bluetooth option. There is complete variety in all their products, and also the complains that we are talking about above does not happen if you are going for Bose and its special Bose SoundTrue around-ear headphones II – Apple devices. This headphone has got some interesting features that will be addressed later in this study guide. The invention of headphones has made our lives so much better. Bose has always been one step ahead, and so they have proper applications that can be run on smartphones to make these headphones work.

Bose SoundTrue around-ear headphones II – Apple devices, Charcoal have been redesigned with a more efficient slimmer profile and great eye-catching colors including charcoal. Purchasing this model gives its buyer a softly padded headband and memory-foam hearing/ear cushions. However, sadly you will not find active noise technology embedded in it. As we are discussing the specialty of this headphone, one imperative point to note here is that these are by Apple Brand. Everyone knows that Apple is that one brand which delivers what they promise. One out of five complains about their products but that too when they go for second-hand items. Nevertheless, Apple Inc. has always been kind to provide their customers with customer service to better assist and guide with the occurring issues.

Headphones are available at really cheap rates too but ever wondered why people would still go for the branded ones? Or for ones that are being sold by Apple and other brands alike? The reason is quality. The headphone that we are discussing is one of the best of its kind. It comes with an around-ear feature. There around the ear, over-ear headphones available too in the market but we are choosing the first type.

Heading back to our Bose SoundTrue around-ear headphones II – Apple devices, Charcoal, this one has been manufactured with the idea of “comfortable-playlist” in mind. This means once you have opened up your audio folder and clicked on your favorite audio to hear, this headphone will not hang your device or suddenly pause in the middle hence breaking your attention and ruining your moment. In other words, it is manufactured to survive in your hectic busy routine life. Bose company has been producing both wireless and wired headphones; this one that we are guiding you on is not wireless. But do not worry it does not come with those long wires that tangle up in bags and pockets. There is one single cable that is detachable so that you can easily place these headphones wherever you want and the wire in one side to prevent unnecessary wire-mess.
Another feature worth discussing is how you get fold-flat earcups along with matching carrying case that makes it portable and easy to carry on metro stations, in libraries, cafes, universities, and colleges, etc. There is also an inline remote/mic for selecting iPod, iPad and iPhone models.

We know how headphones have taken up the mobile accessories market completely. If you look back in past headphones can be seen on heads of employees working in call centers, hotel receptionists, hospital receptions, etc. But now they are used by both students, employees, and individuals. Before I remember there used to be this wire that was plugged into the CPU so that we can speak on mic located at one end on the wire of headphone and chat while using MSN messenger and Yahoo messenger. Bose’s most amazing thing is its portability that we have discussed in detail above. There are many amazing things about this company and this product in particular. Portability, affordability and all those wires. These are some important considerations when a consumer step into the market to buy a smart accessory to use. Headphone wires when once tangle up in your bags and purses they take forever to go untangled hence ruining your mood completely and so no one wants to purchase such pricey Noise Cancelling headphones that rather than distracting you from the environment around puts you into unnecessary irritation. But Bose is all about perfection and understanding the latest trends and demands of today’s youth.

  • It is light in weight and hence very comfortable to your ear.
  • The reason for highlighting this feature is that there are headphones which literally numb your ears due to their weight. Ears become red and they feel heavy because of the weight of those ear cushions and bridge of the headset.
  • Our Bose SoundTrue around Ear has reasonable weight and gives out smooth sound along with comfort level. This is efficiency in design by the brand.
  • The new design launched by Bose has a wider headband and has increased life i.e. it is more durable than the previous of its products.
  • There is also a sealed ear cups.
  • These sealed ear cups do not disturb you when you are sitting in a noisy area or room and really want to concentrate on your on-going tasks and thinking process.
  • The design is way better than the previous headphones by Bose.
  • The only problem with these headphones is of their price. Since they are genuine and have no compromise on quality they come with a certain heavy price.


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