Boss Noise Cancelling HeadphonesThings are changing in the world of sound and music. The people who love being in touch with the sounds enjoy the beats and the bass in their favorite songs. Some of the people are even bothered by the sounds from the surroundings.

These unavoidable sounds bother the listener and keep away the sounds they actually want to listen.  In a similar manner there are people who would not like to get bothered by the roaring planes as the start or land. In all these conditions to use some sound filtering device to keep away the unnecessary sounds.

The headphones are now transformed into something really great in the form of noise cancelling headphones that can prevent the things from getting worse for the listener. Just wear them on the heads, fix them against the ears and keep away the worst sounds that are really bothering you. This feature among the headphones is known as noise cancellation feature.

There are a number of popular brands available in the market that creates the most fulfilling noise cancelling headphones. These brands ensure that a perfect sound distortion less experience is enjoyed by all those wearing them. Among these names a popular choice is that of Bose. They started their journey with the wired headphones but now they have come up with some extraordinary noise canceling headphones. If you need something that can render the best sound from among the creations of the Bose then it is time to check through the following list. It has all that you actually need to know about the top-ranking headphones from the Bose. They look great, last long, perform the best and ensure the maximum quality. These best wireless headphones noise canceling from the home of Bose are as follows:

Device Name 
QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones II
(Editor’s Choice)
Bose Soundlink Around-Ear Headphones II
Bose SoundTrue Around Ear Headphones II
Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

1. QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones II

QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones IIIt is one of the signature creations by the home of Bose. It looks simple but is versatile when it comes to design and performance. From a frequent traveler to the usual music lover it wins the heart of everyone with its extremely efficient working. The overall look and design of these noise-canceling headphones are perfect enough to catch the eye of anyone who loves to get the best and something that is really stylish and eye-catching. Considering the needs of the people of style the manufacturers have created the headphones out of best quality plastic.  The color options are also very practical being black and shimmery grey.

It might not be too fancy oriented but still, there is enough in the creation that can be really admired for its beauty. The quality and the grip of the ear cups are improved because of the sturdy metal caps that are behind the ear cups.

For careful users, Quiet Comfort 35 Wireless Headphones come along with the carry case made out the reliable safety materials. This prevents the headphones from getting damaged or loses shape when they are not in use.   It can be compared with the headphones by the Sennheiser that are praised for high quality and reliance. They cannot be considered as something cheap or low priced, but it is worth paying this price for the features it offers.

The plastic construction makes it really easy due to the lightweight. With just few grams of weight and the perfect plastic built it is easy to manage the headphones around the head even for several hours. The grip is quite firm and comfortable.  Manufacturers have introduced the concept of the clamping force that makes it really great to wear the headphones around the head. Besides this it comes with the extraordinary soft padding all around the head grip so that it becomes really comfortable. The buttons on the headphones are also very supportive. With just a small button it is easy to switch the device on or off and adjust the volumes as per the preference. In the latest version, the manufacturers have introduced a small button that is attached with the left ear cup. They are great best budget noise cancelling headphones.


  • Excellent and easy to manage connectivity with Bluetooth vanilla 4.1.
  • Operates with the codec aptX
  • Adjustable noise cancellation feature
  • Can be connected with any sound-producing device like the android or the iOS.
  • 20 hours of uninterrupted battery functioning in the wireless option and 40 hours in the wired on.
  • Can be operated with the Google Assistant.
  • Adjustable ANC levels
  • Perfect noise cancellation
  • Inbuilt mic for clear calling
  • Easy to wear
  • Longer battery life
  • Aptx not too perfect
  • Not worth than other competitors
For those who are looking for something great to wear around the head then it is better to grab the Bose QuietComfort 35 II. The Google Assistant feature is really admirable. The deficiencies are not such that it can be avoided. It is simple yet splendid option for any headphone user



2. Bose Soundlink Around-Ear Headphones II

Bose Soundlink around-ear headphones IIThe Bose SoundLink series is a great creation from the creators as the over ear noise cancelling headphones. They look great with a stylish design. With this perfection, they offer the best features and sound quality. They are a sleek and stylish way to keep away the unnecessary sounds. The controls can be a little challenging at times but besides this, they are extremely stable when worn around the heads of all sizes. The sleek and stylish plastic headphones that give the best quality in this price range. It is an altered form of the true Around Ear II and the popular Quiet Comfort 25. The multiple color option makes it popular furthermore. The manufacturers want this to look really something incredible so they have added suede padding for a great and softer feeling while wearing the headphones. This further adds a sophisticated look to the headphones.

Usually, the users do not like the extra pressure their headphones apply while they are wearing the headphones around the ears. The ear cups are also covered with padding that is much softer and more comfortable than the usual headphone puddings. The lightweight further enhances the impression and performance. For some adults, the ear cups are little smaller in size.

The wired headphones are always a mess. They create a great deal of botheration. The wireless headphones have worked wonders in this regard.  Without the hassle of the wires they get connected to even a remote device. The Bluetooth connectivity of the SoundLink is extremely reliable. Just switch it on and start enjoying the best of the tracks. At the same time for the gamer, it gives the ease of playing the favorite games without any interruption. The sound impact of games makes playing fun.

His headphones are great for a call too.  The mic is quite appreciable as it allows the receiver on the other side of the call to get the perfect call. The best noise-canceling earphones are created with recent filtering techniques.


  • Best EQ features for great connectivity
  • Connects with the latest Bluetooth connection
  • Ensures HD voice quality through the latest inbuilt microphone system
  • Long lasting lithium ion battery
  • Dual connectivity option with multiple devices
  • Excellent sounds through above average performance
  • Convenient and comfortable
  • Remains in place
  • Noise cancellation is not perfect
  • Plastic body is fragile
  • Seal can leak any time
Bose Sound Link around-ear wireless headphones II Black might not be the top class choice but it is not wrong to say that it is a commendable choice. The trust of users on the production of the Bose has further encouraged the company to give something amazing to the buyers. Perfect voice control. Crystal clear sound and the perfect voice all are there in this Bose creation.  In this price it is a far better choice for the buyers as compared to the other similar appliances available in the market. Whether it is watching the favorite shows or playing the thrilling games these headphones are a great choice.



3. Bose SoundTrue Around Ear Headphones II

Bose SoundTrue around ear headphones IIWhen you talk of the brand Bose then it by no means is less than the boss of the headphones. The transition from the world of wired to the wireless headphones is actually a transition to the world of innovation and technology.  This noise canceling headset has guaranteed complete satisfaction and trust of the buyers by ensuring maximum noise cancellation. Reasonable price and the required sound quality is the landmark of the   Bose products and the same continues with the SoundTrack around ear headphones. Along with the amazing sound quality it also guarantees a comfortable feeling while wearing the said.  If you like the crisp sound with perfect bass then these headphones is specially designed for you. It allows the clear sounds to reach your ears.  The sounds preserve the natural quality on one hand and improve the overall impact on the other. This collection of qualities makes it a great choice for the ones who want to enjoy natural sounds with additional features.

The buyers who have already experienced the performance of the Soundtrack admire not just the amazing design but also the price and the quality of the sound. The latest version of these headphones is equipped with a more comfortable headband. This version comes with a much wider headband.  Besides this new innovation, the unique oval-shaped ear cups completely cover the ears. The age of the latest version of the SoundTrue is even more due to the stronger built and long-lasting design. Those who are tired of the push button functions of the headphones and were finding their headphones non-compatible for the calls find the SoundTrack a great choice because of two options in the latest versions that are the inline remote and the mic.  They make it worth using for all types of Android and iPhones.
It is a new version but still, it has gained immense popularity in the last few years. They make an innovative over the ear headphone for the users. The smaller but good quality ear pads over the cups make it a great choice.


  • Slim and sleek design with multi color option
  • Headphones padded with the comfortable materials
  • Comes with a detachable wire
  • Folding ear cups that make it easy to store
  • In line mic to support all kinds of phones
  • Gives a crisp and clear sound
  • Best bass
  • Easy to carry light weight headphones
  • Highly comfortable padded headband
  • Comparatively expensive
  • Little delicate due to plastic body
  • Noise cancellation is not perfect as required
As per the bose noise cancelling headphones review it is a   mediocre kind of headphone but still works much better than the high class headphones in the same price range. It might not match the requirement of the noise cancellation but still sends out the clear tunes   of all that you listen. It is also a   great option for all kinds   of the devices. The single wire connected to the headphones is easy to handle as it does not entangle as you listen to the sounds.



4. Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling HeadphonesDo you want to listen to the perfect noise with the best headphones on the ears? Do you want to buy the headphones that can keep away all kinds of sounds? Are you about to travel on a    jet plane that is likely to bother your eardrums with the roaring sounds? The solution to all these queries rests with the bose noise cancelling wireless headphones. In a very short time, the Bose creation has won the hearts of many who love the music, and the other sounds. The company has always strived to give the best quality through reasonable prices.

Usually, the headphone users are bothered by the weight exerted by the headphones. As the pressure increases on ears and the head, the discomfort also increases manifold. This problem is overcome by the recent Bose QuietComfort 15. Although the manufacturers have discontinued the model the worth is still proved through the reviews available online. The headbands look bulky and heavyweight but the comfort makes the user forget everything.  There is no secret that the AAA battery even does not add any pressure or discomfort while wearing the headphones. Due to this soft built, you can wear it for any span of time. They stay in place and give the best while you are sitting on the couch, playing the most favorite game, taking the health walk, or traveling long distances. The thickness of the earbuds is even very comfortable.
The entire functions can be summed up in the name of the headphones that not just impressed by the admirable look but also by the impressive performance.


  • Ensures the noise cancellation
  • Can be carried along in the carrying case
  • Features a sturdy removable cable
  • Comes with a traveling adapter
  • Long battery life of 35 hours for uninterrupted listening
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent noise cancellation
  • Crystal clear crisp sound
  • Comparatively expensive
  • Quality reduces with low battery
Bose has always believed in quality.  The same is applicable in case of the QuietComfort. It is one of the popular products that gained coin in a very short time. This fame owes to the quality of both the headphones and the sound.  It has the style that the music freaks really admire. It competes in quality with all the good noise cancelling headphones. The headphones come in the perfect size, and with all the perfect features.  The minor deficiencies are part and parcel of everything.  Nothing mechanical can come in the market that has no deficiencies. These loopholes cannot overshadow the features that have inspired others.