Review: Sennheisers HD 8 DJ Headphones – Best For the Money

Sennheisers HD 8 DJ HeadphonesAre you looking to buy a pair of headphones (wired/wireless) for a special upcoming event? Not sure which one to go for, right? Different brands are producing different types of headphones such as wired, wireless, and regular and DJ headphones. To be honest, to guide you with the right kind of knowledge and direct you to the right set of headphones set I have framed study guide of Sennheisers brand. For our review, we have Sennheisers HD 8 DJ Headphones.

If you are wondering about the origin or how old this brand is or if it does have some knowledge or right experience about manufacturing headphones. Then to bring this in the knowledge of our readers, it is to be mentioned here Sennheisers was founded in the year 1945, and it is a German company. Since 1945 they are producing audiophile equipment to assist headphone lovers. Even during days when headphones were not a trend or held any much of the importance, this brand was doing some worth appreciating work.

In early times, headphones and headsets were confined, or you can say you limited to only one sector or one profession, i.e., call centers industry. Yes, before the hotel desk management, hospital receptions and internet cafes used to be having headsets and headphones, etc. With time, this need has been transferred to college-going students and other professionals like DJ, etc. Sennheisers have been producing a different range of headphones (wired and wireless both) for example wireless headphones with extra features, active noise cancellation technology wireless headphones, wired headphones, headsets and also DJ headphones.

Here you will find a detailed discussion on Sennheisers HD 8 DJ Headphones. To better support in final purchasing decisions, you can go through product specifications and also pros and cons. The detailed product description will be part of our study guide as well as the pros and cons that will further guide with the product review.


These headphones have the expected ability to be able to swivel the ear-cups for single-eared listening, i.e., the monitoring. The ear cups of Sennheisers HD 8 DJ Headphones are elliptical. For information, the elliptical headphone is more convenient in shape. It is that circular shape feasible for fitting in a human ear.  To add in our review, Sennheisers HD 8 DJ Headphones come in a square, predominantly metal in construction, hard case (of genuine quality) along with swivel joint which is very important and where you will find ear-cups joining the headband. You also get changeable pads of velour style. These changeable pads are the ones that are fitted on a purchase. Also, both coiled and straight cables are in the final box.

The over-ear closed-back design gives its users a maximum level of comfort and isolates you from ambient noise even in the loudest of listening area/environments. The critical components of Sennheisers HD 8 DJ headphones are manufactured from metal that contributes to excellent audio performance while giving reliability and durability. The ear-cups swivel up to 210 degrees and provides wearing positions along with supplied single-sided cables that are coiled and straight 3m. It can also be attached to either ear cup.  When you purchase Sennheisers HD 8 DJ Headphones, you also get a protective case. This is to protect your headphones when not in use from water, dust or fall. Also, the company gives you two years of the warranty period so if anything goes wrong, you can visit them in the regard.

  • Components made up of metal
  • Earcups swivel up to 210 Degree
  • Sound quality with high SPL capability
  • Earcups swivel up to 210 degrees
  • Two-year warranty
  • Durable and Reliable
  • The premium protective case is included
  • The build quality of Sennheisers HD 8 is as great as previous models by the company.
  • The design is decent and eye-catching so do not worry to wear or carry them when in metro or college bus or around in public.
  • The whole design is comfortable for long time use.
  • Sennheiser has a wide range of products and they all are economical including our very Sennheisers HD 8.
  • It is durable and has an estimated life of 25 years.
  • The reason for durability is because you get the freedom of choice or to make replacements in the accessories of the headset.
  • The reasonable playback time of these headphones and easy portability lets a student or athlete carry them in a bag on a metro bus or in university grounds to avoid unwanted noise and concentrate on audio lectures etc.
  • It can be used for both business and non-commercial use.
  • You also get two years warranty so if anything goes wrong within these two years you can always claim.
  • This is one great advantage that not all headphone sellers have for their customers.
  • If you order the set online and some defaulted piece comes in or something visits the nearby franchise and claim your product.
  • You can get a new one as a replacement or free fixing in the original one on showing your product.
  • Some users are of the view that it has bad isolation and the bass delivery varies significantly across consumers of HD9 DJ.
  • Customer reviews tell that they are also sensitive to glasses.
  • These are important considerations but will not go heavy for your wallet or make you regret purchasing them.
  • More to add, HD 8 DJ headphones to some are not very stable.
  • The main reason is that these headphones tend to slide easily off the ears when doing activities like running or jumping or when in the gym etc.
  • They do have a balanced fit while casual use but will be moving slightly around if you tilt head.
  • There is no detachable cable that causes the set of headphones set to be pulled off from head that easily if anything hooks the cord.


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