Sennheisers HD 200 Pro-Professional Monitoring Headphone

Sennheisers HD 200 Pro-Professional Monitoring HeadphoneSennheisers HD 200 Pro-Professional Monitoring Headphone is the headphones that deliver real powerful studio sound wherever you are. You get such an amazing audio experience, so it is hard not to get lost in another world of what you are listening too. You get a multiple choice of hearing audio and carry on with your day. Headphones are available at varied rates. You will find the cheaper ones placed in the racks of every nearby store while the superstores having branded one. You must know the difference between the two. There is a strong and significant difference between the two types, and that is why people are ready to purchase.

It is not just the price that a consumer considers while purchasing headphones but also the sound quality. If your headphones are of reasonable price but yet you can hear the unwanted noise or if the sound quality of your audio is poor then what is the point? If you are a student trying to study in your hostel building’s common room or even if in your room and you can hear the noise around then how will you concentrate on your course? How will you concentrate on the audio lecture that your subject teacher has shared? In busy city traffic, if the same noise problem occurs then, of course, you have wasted your money truly.

Sennheisers HD 200 Pro-Professional Monitoring Headphone is lighter on the wallet and solves all the above problems mentioned. In old times the concept of headphones was confined to one industry, i.e., audio engineering. For example Receptionists, call centers, Hotel receptions, Hospital, Banks or internet cafes. In short for commercial purposes headphones was a more convenient option to go for.

Over time the headphones started passing onto other individuals such as students, DJs, and youngsters. Everyone has got something to hear using their favorite set of headphones and headsets etc. There are different brands each manufacturing headphones and to make your purchasing decision easier we have framed this study guide for you. Here you will find a complete product review or product description for that matter along with advantages and disadvantages.


Sennheisers HD 200 Pro-Professional Monitoring Headphone gives powerful studio sound experience to its users. The users get to record your tunes; you can practice silently or just enjoy your favorite audio at home. This is the perfect companion for monitoring tasks. The HD 200 PRO has ambient noise attenuation which lets a consumer to entirely focus and give attention to the job duty in process. These headphones come with soft ear pads ensuring outstanding comfort during long creative sessions. Example for creative sessions is electric piano, mixing consoles and laptop.

Sennheisers HD 200 Pro-Professional Monitoring Headphone has proprietary neodymium magnets ensuring detailed sound with a loaded low-end punch. These headphones give outstanding comfort, courtesy of soft ear cushions and lightweight. You can enjoy excellent sonic isolation thanks to the closed-back over-ear design of HD 200 Pro. More to add, a robust single-sided cable gives out tangle-free and unencumbered movement. You can connect this studio-quality sound in front of your laptop. You get to get pure listening experience.
In simple terms, over-ear (circumaural) and on-ear (supra-aural) are the two types of headphones design. In the case of our headphones, this design is named by ear-cup which is a cushion that is settled between the headphone’s speakers or drivers and your ear too.

The product we are discussing as mentioned above is closed-back headphone design to prevent sound from leaking or escaping into your microphone.

Our product is over-ear headphone having excellent attenuation of external noise. But this design has some flaws like it traps the pressure inside the headphone which tends to create falsely low frequencies. These falsely low frequencies are good for most uses and even favorite of consumer products but not that desirable for critical listening. When you use these headphones, it is capable of recreating the sound in an extremely high resolution. It offers every detail and everything that you would. If you want to validate your assignment, your mix, and chords, this is your perfect tool to use. You get a highly professional level, above-budget monitoring power with unique dynamics. These headphones can work with multiple gadgets. Sennheisers is producing best noise-canceling headphones since 1945 so do not worry about the producing experience that they have.

Key Specifications

  • Closed and around-ear headphone design to cancel or reduce ambient noise
  • Sennheisers’ proprietary transducers delivering a superior stereo sound reproduction with powerful punchy bass
  • Ear cushions are soft and the ergonomic design providing enhanced comfort and fit
  • A robust and 2.0 single-sided cable
  • 33 mm (1/4”) stereo jack adaptor is included.
  • The brand has given some bass to this product of theirs and has added smoothness to make it shine and look glossy.
  • The final design is really strong and the sound quality is up to the demand of the market.
  • Price factor is reasonable too so it is more of a must-buy product for the consumer.
  • It does not go hard on the wallets or banks of its consumers and it is considered a choice of many professionals that have headphones usage a lot.
  • Despite the fact that the design is of plastic but this is not any cheap plastic if you are mistaken.
  • There is no apparent harm or disadvantage in buying best Sennheisers HD 200 Pro-Professional Monitoring Headphone except one point to consider.
  • When you buy this product there also comes a carrying bag.
  • Carrying bags or pouch comes with most of Sennheisers products and the reason is that these headphones are not foldable so you are asked or expected to create extra space in your bags to carry them.
  • Yes they are not that much foldable but comes with the stronger design so they will not break easily but will take some extra space of your bag, purse or whatever you are carrying


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