Sennheisers HD 6 Mix DJ Headphones

Sennheisers HD 6 Mix DJ HeadphonesAre you looking to buy a pair of headphones for that special upcoming event? Not sure which one to go for, right? Numerous brands are producing different types of headphones such as wired, wireless, and regular and DJ headphones. To guide you with the right kind of knowledge and direct you to the right headphone set I have written study guide of Sennheisers brand. For our review, we have Sennheisers HD 6 Mix DJ Headphones.

If you are wondering about the origin or how old is this brand or if it does have “some” knowledge about manufacturing headphones. Then to update our readers, it is to be mentioned here Sennheisers was founded in the year 1945, and it is a German company. Since 1945 they are producing audiophile equipment to assist users. Even during days when headphones were not a trend this brand was doing some worth appreciating work.

In early times, headphones and headsets were confined to only one sector or one profession, i.e., call centers. Yes, before the hotel desk management, hospital receptions, and internet cafes used to have headsets, etc. With time, this need has been transferred to students and other professionals like DJ, etc. Sennheisers have been producing a different range of headphones, for example, wireless headphones, active noise cancellation wireless headphones, wired headphones, headsets and also DJ headphones.

Here you will find a detailed discussion on Sennheisers HD 6 mix DJ headphones. To better support in final purchasing decisions, you can go through product specifications and also pros and cons. The detailed product description will be part of our theory as well.


Sennheisers HD 6 Mix DJ Headphones takes pride in being optimized for mastering and mixing. Sennheisers HD 6 is a blending of quality and performance both. The design of our model is somewhat similar to another great headphone by same brand HD 280 PRO. Our HD 6 Mix DJ headphones are similar in design to HD 280 Pro by Sennheisers but with a bit of change here and there. The changes that we are talking about here is in regards to design, for example, HD6 Mix DJ headphone is closed over-ear design that has leather padding for ear-cups along with the headband. The headband is just like that of HD 280 of Sennheisers. Optional velour pads are included as well. The major noticeable change is in regards to the detachable cables. The box has detachable cables included too. These cables come in both straight and coiled wire form. So if you intend to wear it outside, then all you have to do is to replace the cable.

The cable we are talking about has a special twist and pull plug system. This helps in locking the cable in place and cannot easily be pulled out of the device. The negative point is that it is a proprietary cable and needs to be replaced with Sennheiser cable. Also, you will not find Sennheisers HD6 Mix will not fold up for transportation. But Sennheiser has chosen for a sturdy adjustable design with lesser moving parts and includes a carrying case for easy transportation.
The sound of our Sennheiser HD6 Mix DJ headphones is quite alike to HD 280 Pro. So you can say that it has a good sound quality along with good advanced design. The closed ear-cups keep the audio in and unwanted background noise away from distracting you. It works great for people living in a busy city traffics or for some audio engineer who has to be exposed to all type of atmospheric sounds of a city.
Speaking about price. This headphone set is available around 150$ to 200 dollar range. It is best noise-canceling headphones under 200$. The price is justified if you compare with the accessories and also match it with the functionality of this headphone. Even if you compare it with other headphone sets, you will find Sennheisers HD6 Mix DJ headphones pretty reasonable to buy. You can buy them in black and enjoy looks with quality.


  • Weight without cable is 264 grams
  • Load Rating of 500mW
  • Dynamic Closed Design
  • Impedance 150 Ohms
  • Frequency Response 8 to 30kHz
  • Cable length coiled up to 1.5m to 3m/ straight 3m
  • Jack plug of 3.5mm and ¼” adapter
  • Ear coupling is circumaural
  • Contact pressure 6.3N
  • Sound pressure level 112 dB
  • The build quality is pretty decent and eye-catching so do not worry to wear or carry them when in bus or around public. It is comfortable for long time use.
  • Sennheisers has a wide range of products and they all are affordable including our very Sennheisers HD 6.
  • It is durable and has an estimated life of 20-25 years. This is because you get the freedom to make replacements in the accessories of the headset.
  • The reasonable playback time of these headphones and easy portability lets a student carry them in a bag on metro bus or in university grounds to avoid unwanted noise and concentrate on lectures etc.
  • It can be used for both business and non-commercial purposes.
  • Some users are of the view that it has bad isolation and the bass delivery varies significantly across consumers.
  • Reviews tell that they are also sensitive to glasses.
  • These headphones are expensive to some users.
  • More to add, HD 6 Mix DJ headphones to some are not very stable.
  • The reason is the kind of slide easily off the ears when doing activities like running or jumping or when in gym etc.
  • They do have stable fit while casual use but will move slightly around if you tilt head.
  • There is no detachable cable that causes the set of headphones to be pulled off from head very easily if anything hooks the cord.


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