Sennheisers HD280PRO Headphone (new model)

Sennheisers HD280PRO Headphone (new model)Sennheiser HD280PRO Headphone (new model) has earned a lot of positive rankings. Headphones are the need of every person these days. Before it was confined to just a few entities such as business person, cafes, hotel receptions, etc. But now you find it on the head on students and many other professionals. Since the demand has risen so has manufacturers of headphones. Sennheisers HD 280 is a new model that we are discussing launched by Sennheiser brand. They are into this business for a long time and have a long-range of products to mention.

Sennheisers HD 280 Pro has above-average critical listening quality with durable build quality. This headphone set also possesses good audio reproduction that packs out a lot of basses. They are made up of plastic mostly but are stronger enough to handle multiple drops without getting damaged.

Product Description

This new fantastic model of Sennheisers HD280PRO Headphone is the talk of the town, and it is because it has got closed-ear, dynamic design. This design is likable for headphones users, and when it is Sennheisers, they know it is the brand of trust. The new model of Sennheisers HD280PRO comes with weight without cable 285 grams. This is a reasonable weight for a regular headphone. Ear coupling of HD280PRO is circumaural.

The lightweight and comfortable factors are two different considerations of every buyer, and they both are part of our product. As mentioned earlier 285 grams is pretty reasonable for ears to bear. Also to add about the ergonomic design and cord having the length of 3.3-9.8 feet coiled. The frequency response (extended) and warm is part of our headphones and generates natural sound reproduction form. The nominal impedance is 64 omega, and sound pressure level (SPL) IS 113 db. Sennheiser HD280PRO Headphone has an around-the-ear design with padded ear cups. You get headband padding and audio cord that is easily replaceable hence ensuring longer and durable life.
Sennheisers HD 280 PRO is the name of an excellent sounding pair of closed-back over the ear headphones. The HD 280 PRO new model has deep bass, a good even mid-range and well balanced stabled treble. These attributes make it a versatile pair of headphones.
Sennheiser HD280 Pro comes with a simple 1/8” TRS audio cable having no in-line remote. They only give audio when the wire is connected to console or PC. The audio is provided only when practically there is no latency because of wiring. But yes this is also to be known that they will not be having the range and ultimate convenience of wireless headphones then.

More to add in the function of our headphones. The bass delivery of these closed-back over-ear headphones is inconsistent and even sensitive to positioning and seal. The mid-range sounds a bit cluttered and muddy. This happens, particularly on vocals. The treble mentioned about lacks a bit of detail too. It is imperative to suggest here that like other most of the headphones Sennheisers HD290 PRO new model do not have a speaker like a sound stage.

These best noise-canceling headphones by Sennheiser has a sturdy feel and stronger design. Sennheiser has strongly designed headphones, but they will not be foldable; hence you have to create extra space to place them. The design is good enough that if you happened to miss them, then a few drops will not break them instantly.

The affordability rate is good and strong design, and less chance of breaking saves you from extra expenses. This brand gives accessories that are replaceable. This is why loyal customers of Sennheisers have used their headphones for twenty years or even more literally!

The headband and ear cups of Sennheisers HD290 PRO new model are made up of dense plastic. This plastic can help in handling a fair amount of physical stress. But the ear cup joints are not that strong and become a weak point. It is where most headphones get damaged faster. Even the swivel hinges are thin a bit.

Sennheiser HD280 PRO new model is somewhat portable but a bit bulky. These headphones have a larger side of over-ear headphones. Luckily, these headphones fold up into a better compact design that makes them easy to be carried around. HD280 Pro fits comfortably in a backpack but no space for pockets even larger sweaters or jacket pockets.

When you purchase Sennheisers HD280PRO then in the box you get:

  • 1/8” to ¼” Adapter
  • The manual book included for guidance
  • The build quality is pretty decent and eye-attractive so do not worry to wear or carry them when on a bus or around the public. It is comfortable for longer use.
  • Sennheiser has a wide range of products and they all are affordable including our very new model HD 280.
  • It is durable and has an estimated life of 20 years. This is because you get the freedom to make replacements in the accessories.
  • The longer playback time of these headphones and easy portability lets a student carry them in a bag on a bus or in grounds to avoid unwanted noise and concentrate on lectures etc.
  • It can be used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.
  • Some users are of the view that it has poor isolation and the bass delivery varies significantly across users.
  • They are also sensitive to glasses.
  • These are important considerations but not heavy for your wallet or make you regret.
  • More to add, HD280PRO to some are not very stable.
  • The reason is the kind of slide easily off the ears when doing activities like running or jumping or when in the gym etc.
  • They do have a stable fit while casual use but will move slightly around if you tilt head.
  • There is no detachable cable that causes the set of headphones to be pulled off from head very easily if anything hooks the cord.


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