Sony MDR1AM2 Wired High Resolution Audio Overhead Headphones, Black (MDR-1AM2/B)

Sony MDR1AM2 Wired High Resolution Audio Overhead Headphones, Black (MDR-1AM2/B)Sony for a while has become a must-go-to brand when it comes to audiophile headphones set. This brand takes pride in making commitment to some hi-res in the year 2016 when it made announcement to its LDAC codec and has got leveraged the tech inside the Sony headphones. Sony has been hitting grounds successfully when it comes to using noise reduction technology. Same had happened again when this brand applied the very high-end approach to non-noise canceling headphone set and introduced its Sony MDR1AM2 Wired High-Resolution Audio Overhead Headphones, Black (MDR-1AM2/B).

If we add knowledge about Sony’s high-resolution audio overhead headphones we see that their Sony Extra Bass arrangement has been genuine all the rage. Everyone in a positive manner recognizes it, and the reason is solo “High-class sound quality” with more amazing features. There are without a doubt numerous wired headphones. Indeed, even Sony has the diverse arrangement of wired and wireless both headphones and each have their very own extraordinary factor or highlight; however, there is something other than what’s expected about Sony Bass arrangement. To find this distinctive angle of Sony brand’s extraordinary and astounding Wired High-Resolution Audio Overhead Headphones we have come together to present facts and figures in front of you.  To all the more likely comprehend about intriguing highlights of Sony bass arrangement we have picked Wired High-Resolution Audio Overhead Headphones.

This review guide will prompt item depiction and exceptional highlighted features of our regarded product of your favorite brand. We are talking about Sony MDR1AM2 Wired High-Resolution Audio Overhead Headphones, Black (MDR-1AM2/B). You can likewise discover a few favorable circumstances and detriments of our product and learn more about it. This review guide will be helpful for its readers since when they go out in the market to make a purchase un regards of wired headphones, they get confused because there are diverse racks each having their brand name composed with product taglines which we as a whole know are not as valid as it is by all accounts. As far back as innovation has been propelled consumers have changed to increased their headphones purchase genuine brisk thus there are three to four or perhaps more brands each creating or assembling wired headphones. Such a differing range makes it hard for the buyer to get onto the correct sort of a product.

To deal with this ultimate confusion and make things easier for you when it comes to selecting wired high-resolution audio overhead headphones the following review of Sony MDR1AM2 will be very helpful hopefully. To be very brief about product’s details and more information to gather we have also included pros and cons (advantages/disadvantages) of buying this wired high-resolution over-head headphones. The pros and cons are very helpful because they give this quick insight into the functioning of the chosen product.


It has high-resolution audio compatibility. The high-resolution audio compatible feature is something that you can find only in the racks of Sony. To be honest, you must have seen high-resolution graphics and videos of this brand, i.e. their plasmas and led that gives some astonishing color resolution and real fun to the video. For example Sony Bravia. Likewise, this brand has got the edge even in audiophile products. Like this one, we are giving review of. High-resolution audio compatible makes you feel that you are present in the place where the speaker is speaking or where the audio is coming from. It is perfect when it comes to noting down lectures or using headphones to transcript audio. In other words with this feature, you can get yourself some cash by using in commercial uses or freelancing.

To assure clarity in the audio system, the manufacturer made sure to infuse a responsive liquid crystal polymer driver. This liquid crystal polymer driver gives out the clarity in the voice you need. The Sony MDR1AM2 Wired High-Resolution Audio Overhead Headphones, Black (MDR-1AM2/B) is smartphone compatible with in-line remote mic. So you can connect these wired high-resolution audio overhead headphones with your laptops or mobile phones and use it in call centers or to talk with people online using the in-line remote mic. The voice clarity and high-resolution audio compatibility give some great experience when the smartphone gets connected to Sony MDR1AM2.
To speak a few words on the design of our product then know the brand has made a unique eye-catching but heavyweight bass wired headphones with beat response control. The beat response control cuts out the unnecessary noise around and lets you focus on whatever you are hearing. The comfort factor gets a green tick too as this model has swivel ear cups for portability so if you are heading to the gym or traveling or walking to your class you can easily keep them in your bag or wherever you are most comfortable to have it.

Sony MDR1AM2 Wired High-Resolution Audio Overhead Headphones, Black (MDR-1AM2/B) comes with a carrying pouch, a headphone cable which is inline remote and microphone. It is approximately 3.49ft. And a balanced-connection headphone cable of same approx. Size 3.49 ft.T he connectivity technology as mentioned is wired. As far as frequency response then it is 3 HZ-100,000 Hz and Impedance is 16 ohm.

Product Specification

  • Connectivity technology is wired
  • The frequency response of 3 HZ-100,000 Hz
  • Impedance 16 ohm
  • Carrying Pouch, balanced-connection headphone cable of approx. 3.94 ft., headphone cable with inline remote and microphone approx. 3.94ft.
  • For portability swivel ear cups
  • Heavyweight bass along with beat response control.
  • Smartphone compatibility with in-line remote mic
  • High resolution audio compatible
  • Liquid crystal (responsive) polymer driver for clarity
  • The positive points about this model is that it has some non-fatiguing high and great bass response.
  • To make sure that the user uses these headphones at ease the company has introduced synthetic leather ear pads.
  • One attribute that you might not like about this model is that the entire design is of plastic.


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