We love the sounds of nature. We love the chirping birds, the whistling birds and even the noises of our friends and family make us feel happy. At times these sounds bother us. This happens especially when you are listening to the favorite tunes or attending an important call.

This urge actually introduced the concept of the headphones. The early headphones are really bothering because of the wires and at the same time because of the fact that they were not able to prevent the unnecessary sounds from coming into the ears.

Hence, the headphone technology kept improving.  Today we the headphones with larger ear cups that can prevent the extra sounds and the wireless option for better connectivity. These are referred to as the wireless noise cancelling headphones.

Among the popular brands, one name that has done a great job in the world of the devices is Sony. In their year-long journey, they have experimented to create the best.

Their endeavors have done the job. They have introduced some best noise canceling headphones that can be easily connected with any sound-producing devices through the Bluetooth. Hence, it reduces the hassle of wires on one hand and keeps you close to the device even at a distance of some feet.

The company wants the listeners to feel at ease even after wearing the headphones for long hours of traveling. This is because of the excellent padding fixed to the band. The bands can be adjusted according to the size of the head. Sony is the name of reliance and trust. They believe in quality in limited price so that everyone can buy them as per their budget.

If you are checking out for some best noise cancelling headphones 2020 from the home of Sony then this article is for you. Below you will find the top noise cancelling headphones from Sony.

Device Name 
Sony Noise Cancellation Headphones WH 1000XM3
(Editor’s Choice)
Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH-CH700N
Sony XB950B1 Extra Bass With App Control, Black
Sony XB950N1 Extra Bass Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones, Black
Sony WH-CH500 Wireless On-Ear Headphones, Black (WHCH500/B)
Sony RF400 Wireless Home Theater Headphones (WHRF400)
Sony MDR1AM2 Wired High-Resolution Audio Overhead Headphones, Black (MDR-1AM2/B)

1. Sony Noise Cancellation Headphones WH 1000XM3

Sony Noise Cancellation Headphones WH 1000XM3If you are tired of the wired headphone and want to get some best wireless noise cancelling headphones that can stay for long and perform amazing then its time to grab the   WH 1000XM3. This is an excellent wireless headphone from the home of Sony products. Just like the rest of the products Sony has ensured that the users get the best features.   The manufacturers believe in the no-compromise policy, therefore, they don’t leave any room in creating the best products to give the best musical time.  Sony has continued the legacy of quality and performance reaction of WH-1000XM3. It is a beautiful headphone model that is loaded with innovative features and a beautiful built. It is a beautiful combination of design and comfort. The manufacturers want the users to enjoy wearing the headphones even for a very long time. The padded bridge makes them a perfect choice.   With the amazing qualities, there is no doubt that WH-1000XM3 is an outclass headphone for those who want to have a wireless listening experience.

The users who wear headphones for long all through the day want something lightweight and this is why the manufacturers have ensured a lightweight gadget. With a comfortable weight, it is possible to wear it across the head over the ears for hours. The bridge is adjustable to keep the headphones in the right position.

If you are travelling a   long distance there is nothing to worry about the cables. Just use the USB Type-C port that is fitted on the right ear cup. It is small yet compact option for all headphone lovers. You can even buy the headphone in your most favourite colour and that is black so that it can even match any kind of wardrobe.

The manufacturers have added it with the gold plated plug so that the chances of rusting are minimized as well. There is little to worry about battery life. You charge it once and then enjoy long hours of listening and enjoying the favourite tunes.


  • A closed headphone type
  • Has a dome-shaped driver unit that measures 1.57 inches
  • Aluminium coated LCP diaphragm
  • Touch sensor volume control system
  • Gold plated mini plugin easy to manage L shape
  • Comparatively lightweight
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Perfect noise cancellation
  • Excellent battery life
  • Call sound is not very clear
  • No improvement in audio quality control
There is no need to waste time hunting the wireless noise  cancelling headphones in the market. Sony has created an amazing option in the form of WH-1000MX3. Although some customers might find some errors in using these truth is that it is worth buying for an amazing audio experience. It is versatility, innovation, performance, and economy all in one package.  Due to its high-class features and the comfort it has done the right job for the audio lovers.



2. Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH-CH700N

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH-CH700NWith so many brands producing noise  cancelling headphones for the audio lover’s one name that can win the hearts by removing all confusions is that of Sony. For years the company is giving the best to the world of audio lovers. Sony stands out as a   change maker who has revolutionized the world of audio impact. The popular headphones by Sony include a popular name called WH-CH700N. This is excellent over the ear design that covers the ears so perfectly that no sound from the exterior can bother the listener.

The dynamic drivers measuring 40mm are added to operate the headphones. They are fixed within a    plastic body. A shimmery exterior makes it great for the user who loves the style. The company has added hinges to the headphones to wear them comfortably. They become so flexible that they can fit around the head and over the ears.

Most of the users are often complaining about the discomfort due to the headphones. Sony has found the solution to these problems by adding comfortable padding to the headphones. It is fitted with a Micro-USB that can be used for charging the headphones. At the same time, it comes with a socket so that it can be connected with the help of the wires too. With a control button on the right ear cup, it is easy to age the volume and the playback.

It has a perfect frequency range up to 20,000 Hz. It keeps cancelling the impact of the sound that can be bothering for the listeners who want to listen attentively. The users who are always looking for something long-living and strong would admire the said building of the WH-CH700N. There is no problem in adjusting the equalizer setting, and the noise controls. If you want to listen to the tunes saved in your Smartphone, then there is nothing to worry as the Bluetooth allows perfect and easy connectivity of the device with the headphones. This quick connectivity would not take much longer saving your time and protecting you from the mental chaos.


  • Digitally controlled noise cancellation mechanism
  • Operates with the latest AI tech
  • 35 hours of battery life
  • Easy to connect through the Bluetooth
  • Easy to store compact design
  • Can be connected with any Bluetooth supporting device
  • Excellent sound quality
  • User-friendly functions
  • Long enough battery life
  • Perfect tuning system
  • Takes time to charge
  • Wired performance is not satisfactory
The name Sony itself is the sign of quality. The appearance and the design are not very satisfying ill it is doing a   great job. The headphones render the expected results of getting the perfect sound. It has the best noise cancellation features which extreme comfort and ease. It is the technologically sound and innovative choice for music lovers. It fixes well around the head and stays on the ears firmly. The frequent travellers would also love these as the best travel headphones for having it along with them in the compact size.



3. Sony XB950B1 Extra Bass With App Control, Black

Sony XB950B1 Extra Bass  with App Control, BlackThe world of Sony creations is too wide. They have been producing and creating some awesome pieces for years. Their electrical and electronic devices are worth buying especially when it comes to quality and performance. Music is a passion. There are so many people around us who are actually finding it difficult to stay without music.   The moment they get free from their chores they start listening to their favourite tunes. They put on their headphones and allow the favorite tunes to reach them without any interruption. This has introduced the concept mentioned in the noise cancelling headphones review. At the same time, these headphones are becoming popular to avoid the hassle of the wires scattered around.

Sony XB950B1 Extra Bass Wireless Headphones is a treat for music lovers. It belongs to the popular Sony line of speakers that are known for the additional Bass element. It is great listening to the favorite tunes through the highly innovative Electro Bass Booster technology. This technology is one of the most innovative measures by Sony for perfect sound lovers.
These headphones are a simple yet stylish option for audio lovers. All you need to do is just unpack the headphones, switch on the Bluetooth, and connect with your musical device. You will soon start enjoying the amazing sounds. There is no feeling of discomfort even while wearing the headphones for hours. This is just because the headphones are added with perfect padding that ensures no pressure on the head while wearing it around the head.


  • Swivelling ear cups to adjust properly on the ears
  • Battery life of 16 years after the charging
  • Comes with a bass boost button to customize the levels
  • Can be used with or without the wires
  • Charges through a USB port
  • Easy and quick connectivity
  • User-friendly
  • Highly comfortable
  • Best fit ear cups
  • Energy at the MIDS.
  • Bass can be too bothering for several listeners
The name Sony means trust and quality. Like its other products, it has put in all the efforts in creating the best extra bass wireless headphone like the    XB950B1. It has minor disadvantages but this does not mean that it should not be bought. The strengths are still there. It is a great device to listen without any distortion from the outside. The comfort, convenience and durability make it a great option. The easy to adjust headband makes it a great choice for the heads with different measurements. Whether you wear them for a few minutes or for several hours the padding won’t bother the user.



4. Sony XB950N1 Extra Bass Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones, Black

Sony XB950N1 Extra Bass Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones, BlackWith every passing day, the Sony technology is better day by day. They believe in winning the hearts and so they keep adding the innovation to all that is in the stores. From design to the features they keep adding the innovations to satisfy the users by the best active noise  cancelling headphones. The recent addition to the list of similar headphones is Sony XB950N1 Extra Bass Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones. Added with the ease of the Bluetooth connectivity and the NFC it is a great wireless noise cancellation headphone for the ones who want the best sounds with the headphones around the head. These tested headphones are a magical treat for the music lovers by giving special bass addition. The combo of the noise cancellation and the extra bass makes the headphones a delightful addition to the music lovers.

The buyer loves the very first look of the headphones as soon as he looks at the box. It comes in the elegant packaging with all the instructions for the proper usage. With the help of the Electro Bass Booster, it is possible to improve the quality of the low-frequency sound. The headphones are supported with the specially designed app that can be installed on any Android or the ions. Within the pouch, the buyer can get a great pouch to carry the headphones along during traveling. The well-designed manual has all the information the user might need from the first use till the regular usage.

The best feature is the easy connectivity with the latest version of the Bluetooth 4.1. It does not need much of the complications. It is just the click and goes action to connect the device with the headphones. A 3.5 mm cable can also be used to connect the headphones and the device. The drivers, on the other hand, are large enough to cover the ears completely. In this way, the perfect sounds reach the ears without any distortion and botheration with the active noise-canceling headphones. If you want to get rid of the additional ambience then you won’t regret buying these headphones because of the digital noise cancellation option.


  • Closed dynamic headphone
  • Has a dome-shaped driver unit that measures 1.57 inches
  • Added with the detachable single-sided cable
  • Works with L-shaped mini plug
  • Takes 7 hours to completely charge
  • Has a lightweight of 0.64 lbs weight
  • Extra bass for the perfect
  • Easy to Bluetooth connectivity
  • Durable and sturdy built.
  • Swivelling ear cups for a perfect fit
  • Long lasting battery
  • Bass is too strong for certain users.
  • Cannot get linked with the Window-based PCs and other devices.
  • Takes too long to charge.
This new version of the headphones is a real match for music lovers. It sends the music with the additional bass to theirs and at the same time prevents all other kinds of sounds from reaching the ears. Hence, it is possible to enjoy the best tunes in the way you really admire.



5. Sony WH-CH500 Wireless On-Ear Headphones, Black (WHCH500/B)

Sony WH-CH500 Wireless On-Ear Headphones, Black (WHCH500/B)Reliable technology and the performance are a synonym to the word Sony. For decades the company has won the reputation of creating the best products. They have won the reputation of creating the most amazing audio-related devices. The music lovers cannot stay away from the tunes that they love and if they want to listen to the tunes without any interruption then it is better to try their sound cancellation devices like the headphones. If you want to go for an exercise session with the headsets on and want to have a fun journey with the tunes too the=n try getting the Sony headphones with the brand name WH-CH500.  Once charged it will give you an amazing sound experience with complete sound cancellation option for the next 20 hours.

If you want a great sound pouring down your ears without an external distortion then this Sony creation is absolutely right for you.  For those who keep a whole collection of their favourite songs and audios in their gadgets, it is a great option asset can be connected very easily with the headphones through the one-click Bluetooth connectivity.  You can also share with the help of the NFC if you like. It keeps away the hassle of the entangling long wires; therefore these headphones are easy to manage. With all the amazing features it comes with the best price that won’t burden the pocket at all.
The device is ready to use as soon as it is out of the packaging. The packing has all the details that you might need for the perfect usage. It is a kind of handy manual with all essential details.


  • Perfect connectivity with the Bluetooth version 4.2
  • Media control buttons for switching on and off and for the volume controls well.
  • Operates with the lithium battery that is easy to charge
  • Two driver units measuring 1.18 inches
  • Can assist when you need hand free voice calling
  • Large enough ear cups for perfect sounds.
  • Easy connectivity
  • 20 hours playback time
  • Easy to store swivel design
  • Bass is higher than the Mids.
  • No padding
Having a few cons does not mean that the quality can be questioned. It has everything that you love for the best listening experience. The size is too compact and the weight is too less. It seems for many that it can’t last long. Besides these small deficiencies, there is not just one major problem that can stop you from buying this. Besides everything, the most essential thing is the name Sony associated with it. It is in itself the sign of trust and reliability. Best sound, best quality and perfect working are all there in the Sony WH-CH500 wireless on-ear headphones. The black color is another amazing character.



6. Sony RF400 Wireless Home Theater Headphones (WHRF400)

Sony RF400 Wireless Home Theater Headphones (WHRF400)E theatre system won’t sound great if the sound is not perfect. Whether you are watching your favourite movie or witnessing the thrill of the football match, it is a   must to listen to the sound in the best quality. It is possible by cancelling the additional sounds coming into the ears. The noise cancelling headphones are a great gift in this case. Put on the best noise cancellation headphones and dance to the tunes coming from the home theatre system. The users find it even far better option to have something that is not wired in order to stay commented when at a distance the sound device can stay connected. Have you ever thought of listening to the favourite tunes coming from a device at a distance of 150 feet or you want to have a  crystal clear distortion-free sound for the next 20 hours then it’s time to change the device that you already have? It means you want something from the home of Sony like Sony RF400 headphones that are specifically meant for the home theatre.

These  headphones come with a larger option of the ear cups that can cover the ears perfectly. In this way, you can view the best quality visuals with the best quality sounds. This actually increases the impact manifold.  The headphones are also appreciated for their light weight and perfect built that can facilitate the users in the maximum possible way.

The wireless option makes things even easier.  Even when you are attending to the call the sounds are so crisp and clear. Switch on the Bluetooth, connect the devices and then sit back on the living room sofa to get entertained with the Sony creation.


  • Comparatively large units as the ear cups
  • A perfect connectivity range of 150 feet.
  • Closed-back ear cups
  • Can play for a maximum of 20 hours after complete charging
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Clear sound quality
  • Comfortable to wear across the heads
  • User-friendly option in budget-friendly cost
  • Problem found in volume adjustment
  • Fails to keep away too loud sounds
Sony has always tried to create a user-friendly market. RF400 is a super cool option.  The home theatre is always a fun time for the families. People want to have the best viewing and the listening experience once they are set before the station. From then on-screen games to the best movies, it will make the sounds really something great for the viewers. The cons are not too complicated. The advantages and the top features overcome these deficiencies thus, making it a perfect choice. There is little to worry about carrying the headphones. Just put them back in the travelling pouch and take them where ever you like.



7. Sony MDR1AM2 Wired High-Resolution Audio Overhead Headphones, Black (MDR-1AM2/B)

Sony MDR1AM2 Wired High-Resolution Audio Overhead Headphones, Black (MDR-1AM2/B)With every passing day, things are changing for the people who love entertainment and want something great to happen in their lives. Life is difficult without sounds. We cannot imagine a world that is silent. Sounds are integral and music lovers find it difficult to stay away from the lively tunes coming out of their devices. At the same time, they don’t want the listening sessions to be intercepted by outside sounds of the different kinds. Combining both the requirements Sony has created MDR1AM2. These high-resolution audio overhead headphones are amazing for users of all types.

The manufacturers have guaranteed maximum comfort with perfect sounds through these lightweight headphones. The drivers are large enough to cover the ears in the perfect way to ensure the best sounds. If you want to listen through the favourite musical notes then you would, over the in-line remote. It is possible to listen from the distant source through the connectivity. The user would not feel the pressure on the ears due to comfortable padding on the noise canceling earbuds. The frequent travelers admire the folding features to carry it around. Just fold it, pack it and then carry it around.
The aluminum-coated crystal polymer diaphragm is no doubt a great gift. It filters the sound before it actually reaches the eardrums. It supports the frequency range of 3 Hz to 100 kHz. Hence there is nothing to worry about the kind of music you are listening. It will suit all kinds of music forms impressively.

It fixes against the head with the specialized grill pattern namely the Fibonacci. It grips the headband well around the head and gives the best audio impact after using these headphones. It also comes with a balanced connection cable that allows experiencing the sound equally in the right and the left region of the ear. The users who often complain about the dropping signals are now happy after using this device by the Sony. The silver-coated oxygen fee cables are a safe and durable wiring option.  If you love the bass then there is nothing better than the Sony creation MD1AM2.


  • Compatible with the devices of all kinds
  • Crystal clear sound with the liquid crystal polymer driver.
  • In line remote mic
  • Perfect bass controlling Beat Response Control
  • Ear cups are swiveling
  • Clear sound
  • Comfortable wearing
  • Easy to adjust
  • Economical
  • Call quality not good
According to the various noise cancelling headphones reviews 1AM2 is great support for all kinds of musical devices. Whether it is a CD driver or the song from the gadget, Sony 1AM2 supports it well. It has the best features for music lovers. They fascinate everyone. There might be certain disadvantages but the overall performances quite satisfactory. The crystal clear, noise cancelled sounds makes it a delightful experience. The perfect weight and easy handling are another advantages related to the device.