Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM3:

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM3:If we go a few years back, then you might come across suggestions that would dissuade a user from purchasing a pair of wireless headphones. But it was justified because at that time technology was not this much advanced like it is today. The technology was having issues with wireless connectivity over Bluetooth, and also sound quality was poor. Above all, the batteries that consumer would place it lasted only an hour or two maximum not more than that. But the good news is that those days are gone and now the ultimate advancement of technology has made entry into the era of wireless possible for us all. The improvement in Bluetooth because of aptX which is considered as the latest batch of wireless headphones is not only perfect for connecting into every situation but also gives the ideal pitch of sound that any wired headphone system would provide to its user.

Yes, we cannot ignore the fact that a wireless pair of headphones might be having more cost than the wired headphone model but neither can we avoid wireless headphones that give its user the freedom of movement. The wireless attribute lets you have perfect gym time and also enjoy hiking wearing those headphones and listening to your favorites. For whatever reason you are looking for worth buying noise-canceling headphones with wireless Bluetooth, we are here to guide and assist you in picking just the right kind of a wireless set of headphones that falls right into your budget. For our discussion we have Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM3: Wireless Bluetooth Over the Ear Headphones with Mic and Alexa voice control – Industry Leading Active Noise Cancellation. Here you will find product details so that it be easy to make a final decision with noise-canceling headphones. You will also find advantaged and disadvantages under the Pros and Cons section to know what the previous users have deduced from the results of their bought Sony noise-canceling headphones WH1000XM3.

Product Specification:

  • Wireless range: Perfect 30 feet
  • Type of Driver: Dynamic
  • Sensitivity: 103dB
  • NFC: Yes
  • Battery Life: Straight 30 hours
  • Impedance: 46 Ohms
  • Drivers: 40mm
  • Design (Acoustic): Closed
  • Weight 275 grams
  • Frequency Response: 4Hz-40kHz


Product Description of best Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM3:

Our Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM3 comes with a system that is digital noise canceling. It is industry-leading ANC that supports out a personalized, virtually soundproof experience. Alexa is your perfect companion and is here to serve as your voice assistant. Alexa is enabled for hands-free voice access to audio files having different listening material etc. You get to have smart listening which is adjusting of ambient sound to your on-going activity. The purpose is to cut out unnecessary noise around and let you be indulged in your favorite reading on the bus without any disturbance. Hands-Free and smart listening has been great for students in particular. Students give positive reviews about this feature when you are a hostelite/ someone living in the hostel of your university/ college and want to have some space of your own during peak exam seasons you can always use these headphones and have it.  If you are in a mood of morning jog and want to run on that track that already has many joggers chatting but you want space of your own and listen to something while jogging then these Sony Noise-canceling headphones WH1000XM3 is perfect for you. The over the ear headphones with Mic works great when it comes to receiving calls. You can talk on your phone without any problem. Just pick the call and use the Bluetooth to avoid using of hands and continue chatting at ease. The battery time is great too. The headphones do not demand any recharge to thirty hours! Just sit back and enjoy your favorite lecture from your favorite most motivational speaker.

The touch controls of Best Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM3 are fast and up to the mark. You can use these touch controls to increase or decrease volume and control the audio file you are listening. The touch controls also activate Alexa voice assistant and pick calls for you. As mentioned earlier you can use this headphone for thirty hours but what we missed out is you can do it in a single charge! Enjoy five hours of playback on just 10 minutes charge. The first and foremost concern of a buyer is the sound quality that headphone has. If you ask honest review about this very product of ours then well say hello to some premium sound quality. Enjoy perfect clear hires audio at your workplace, at your home or even an airplane.
Other than the sound system the comfort level of Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM3: Wireless Bluetooth Over the Ear Headphones with Mic and Alexa voice control – Industry Leading Active Noise Cancellation is excellent too. These headphones are light in weight and hence very comfortable to wear. They do not put extra or unnecessary weight on ears thus turning them red or giving weird itching to the user of them. These headphones are redesigned in a way that they are foldable and this is to support easy travel or portability of them on planes or road trips wherever you want. So listen on the adventure and make the best out of it. When you go for this product you do not just sign up for wireless headphones you also get an audio cable for a wired connection if you want, hands-free headphone, carry case and a charging cable.

  • 30 hours battery time
  • Premium sound system
  • Light in weight
  • Can be used both wireless and wired
  • Alexa voice assistant
  • Foldable and so easy to carry
  • The sound quality drops when you connect wire
  • The touch controls may lag
  • The Hinges are really fragile


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